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Firefox and XFCE4

Have you noticed that annoying thing with the new XFCE 4.4? Whenever you click to open a link in an application, and you have firefox already opened in a different workspace, it will be brought to your currently active workspace, possibly obscuring the application you were using and generally causing annoyance. At least it annoys me.

It's a new option that was introduced. It tells xfwm what to do when an application rises its window, and the default is to bring that window to the currently active workspace. It would be probably alright, if not that default behavior, which is something we actually rarely want. Fortunately it can be changed. I was told how when I first visited #xfce to complain about it. It was simple, you just had to add a hidden option to your config file.

Hidden options

Some hidden options allow you to customize xfwm4 behaviour. They have to be added by hand to your ~/.config/xfce4/xfwm4/xfwm4rc file. You may have to create this file.


How the window manager must react when a window raises itself. When set to
"bring", the window manager to bring the window on the current workspace,
"switch" will switch to the window's workspace, and "none" will simply do
nothing but set the "demand attention" flag on the window.